Traumatic Brain Imaging

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Traumatic Brain Imaging services offered in Fresh Meadows, NY

Innovative technology allows radiology specialists like David Payne, MD, at All County Radiology in the Fresh Meadows neighborhood of Queens to safely create advanced and detailed images of your brain. As an expert in brain imaging technology, Dr. Payne’s MRI images can reveal the smallest brain injuries, map brain biomarkers, and diagnose neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, and traumatic brain injuries. Call the New York City office today or use online booking to learn more about traumatic brain imaging or schedule an imaging appointment.

Traumatic Brain Imaging Q & A

When would I need traumatic brain imaging?

You may need brain imaging to identify crucial conditions like a brain aneurysm or tumor. Advanced brain imaging at All County Radiology can also diagnose neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and strokes.

With the advanced MRI technology at All County Radiology, brain imaging also identifies damage caused by a minor to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), providing the information needed to guide your treatment and prevent long-lasting brain changes.

What injuries require traumatic brain imaging?

Brain trauma occurs after suffering a direct blow to your head or when an impact to your body causes a whiplash injury. It only takes a mild TBI (concussion) to cause nerve damage, disrupt brain communication, and affect brain function.

A moderate to severe TBI may fracture your skull and cause severe injuries, including: 

  • Hematoma (bleeding under the skull)
  • Cerebral contusion (bruising of brain tissues)
  • Intracerebral hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain)
  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding around the brain)
  • Hydrocephalus (fluids accumulate around the brain)
  • Diffuse nerve injuries (stretched or torn nerves)

Concussions and more severe TBIs all need traumatic brain imaging. Moderate to severe TBIs usually require hospital care, but you can keep monitoring your health after your discharge with brain imaging at All County Radiology.

Why should I consider traumatic brain imaging?

The information obtained through advanced traumatic brain imaging is crucial because it identifies small injuries that often go undetected and can lead to long-lasting brain problems. As a result, you get fast, appropriate treatment that prevents secondary injuries.

Your All County Radiology provider combines their high-powered 3T MRI scanner with innovative SpinTech MRI software to produce exceptional traumatic brain imaging. This software reduces scanning time while creating images that other MRIs can’t accomplish.

MRI brain imaging at All County Radiology finds major problems following a severe TBI and the smallest brain changes caused by minor and severe injuries, from tiny areas of bleeding (microhemorrhages), bruising, and scarring to changes in nerve function and brain metabolism. 

Traumatic brain imaging may identify patients at risk for post-concussive syndrome, which causes concussion symptoms lasting for months or years.

SpinTech MRI software can map biomarkers in your brain that are vital for diagnosing TBIs and identifying your risk for microhemorrhages and future neurological problems. 

If you suffer a concussion or TBI, don’t wait to call All County Radiology or book an imaging appointment online.