All County Radiology

Radiology and Medical Imaging located in Fresh Meadows, NY

All County Radiology is a radiology practice serving children, teens, and adults in the Fresh Meadows neighborhood of Queens. Board-certified radiologist and neuroradiologist David Payne, MD, welcomes patients to the All County office in New York City, where they maintain full accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and New York’s Article 28 regulations.

The All County Radiology providers specialize in diagnostic radiology, including X-rays and advanced MRIs. They use today’s most advanced radiology technology, including a high-field open MRI scanner, 3T MRI scanner, and SpinTech MRI software. They use the software to specialize in traumatic brain imaging, producing exceptional brain images that diagnose neurological diseases, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries.

Their providers welcome patients needing diagnostic imaging for every body area and health condition. They also have extensive experience diagnosing deep tissue injuries (DTIs).

As experts in radiology services for workers’ compensation and no-fault accident cases, the All County providers are well-known for creating the timely and thorough reports attorneys and insurance companies need to represent their clients.

To learn more about the high-quality radiology services available at All County Radiology, call or click the online booking feature today.